Getting Started

Today I started a six week paleo/primal/zone challenge alongside other members of my gym.

I chose to join this challenge, because I have been eating somewhat unhealthy for a while, so I decided it was time to clean up my act a bit. I have tried out a primal diet a few times. The first time, I lost 25lbs.

We had the choice between Zone, Primal, and Paleo. I chose Primal, because I didn’t want to take the time to weigh my food and I like to eat some dairy every once in a while. Who doesn’t?!

– Feel better
– Lose weight
– Get stronger
– Become more fit overall
– Zero cheats
– Win the challenge
– Don’t die or snap and devour a pile of cake, booze, and ice cream.


Today was the first day of the challenge. I started by prepping a few meals for the week yesterday. Preparing food on the weekend is a must for me, because I don’t have much spare time during the week. I really don’t want to spend my free time during the week in the kitchen.

Overall, today wasn’t too bad. I got plenty of sleep, but still woke up a bit groggy. After I woke up, I made a quick breakfast and hit the gym. Wish I had time for some coffee to fully kick me in gear.

The workout went okay. Since I had to head to the office earlier than normal, I ended up doing it on my own. I am not a big fan of doing WODs on my own. See my workout logs here.

After working out, I went straight to the office and made some coffee with butter and half and half. Not super delicious, but it did the job. My work day was busy as usual.

Perhaps as a result of the coffee, I didn’t find myself hungry until the early afternoon. When I did finally get hungry though, I wanted to eat everything in sight. I was practically foaming at the mouth as I watched and smelled a few co-workers scarfing down their sandwiches. Thankfully my carb craving was quickly staved after I heated up my acorn squash soup for lunch.

The cravings came back almost immediately after finishing my soup. I wanted something sweet so badly..a giant piece of chocolate cake just might have made me the most satisfied man in the world at that point. I fought off the craving by immersing myself into work. Check out my food log here.

In the afternoon I began to crash a bit, so I had another cup of coffee to keep me going.

After work I was debating doing some skill work at the gym. I was still undecided until I came to a stop sign and had to choose to turn towards home or the gym. I chose the gym and worked on my squat snatch.

After getting home, I made myself a quick meal and created this website. All in all..not a bad day. One day cheat free… Whooo!

Today’s Score
I will try to post these scores daily to see how I progress throught the six weeks.

Strength – 6
Muscle Soreness – 4
Joint Soreness – 6
Mood – 7
Cheat temptation level – 8
Energy – 7


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