Feeling Good – Day 4

Today I woke up naturally before my alarm went off and I felt great! I was pretty excited to do the workout, so that helped me get motivated.

I had my usual breakfast then hit the gym at 8. The workout was pretty darn good. It was a long burner with some heavy deadlifts. I felt strong and focused through the whole thing.

I had a pretty typical work day, ate leftovers for lunch, then coached two evening classes. I have really started to enjoy coaching. It’s a lot of fun to help people progress and cheer them on through the workouts.

I am pretty excited that my energy levels are already starting to improve. Hope I start to feel better each day and that today wasn’t just a fluke.

Tomorrow I’ll be weighing in to see if I have lost some poundage. If I had to guess, I’ll probably really start to shred fat in the next couple of weeks, not so much during this first week.

I still miss cake and ice cream..so much. I am going to attempt making a primal dessert this weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, it’s coming quick. That means the temptation of booze is coming along with it. I am going to stay strong though. Even when my friends make fun of me because I’m not being cool like them.

Today’s Score

Strength – 8
Muscle Soreness – 3
Joint Soreness – 3
Mood – 8
Cheat temptation level – 8
Energy – 7
Focus – 8
Motivation – 7


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