Free Breadsticks and Jello Shots

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m just over a week in and am still cheat free! Don’t believe it, check out my food log. Boooyah!!

Overall, I definitely have had ups and downs throughout this thing so far. I’ve struggled with cravings for cake, but the biggest thing that has gotten me down is my energy levels. I don’t necessarily think it’s due to the types of food I’m putting in my body, but how much food I’m putting in my body. Last week I had some struggles when I most likely didn’t get enough calories in me. My goal is to eat more this week!! Oh darn…

In order to play catch up, below is a breakdown of the last several days I have missed.

Friday 1/15/2016

On Friday I felt like balls. I woke up exhausted, but fought through the exhaustion and got to the gym. During the strength portion of the workout, I felt light headed at times, so I knew the WOD was going to be a struggle. It was exactly that..It happened to be a partner WOD. I didn’t want to let my partner down, so I pushed through, but I felt like shit the entire time.

Throughout the day, I didn’t feel much better. I was extremely tired at the office and didn’t have much focus. Luckily I was able to take a nice long nap after work and ate some good food.

Later that night, I went to a roller disco party for my friend’s 30th birthday. It was a lot of fun. There was drinking and partying going on around me, but I stayed strong and had a good ol’ sober time.

Today’s Score

Strength – 4
Muscle Soreness – 3
Joint Soreness – 3
Mood – 5
Cheat temptation level – 6
Energy – 4
Focus – 4
Motivation – 3

Saturday 1/16/2016

I slept in. That felt pretty awesome to do. After getting out of bed, I decided it was time to get stuff done, so didn’t eat much until the evening. Overall, I felt pretty darn good throughout the day though.

After getting some stuff done around town, I headed up to Breckenridge with a friend. When we got there, we went grocery shopping for dinner that evening and breakfast the next day. We chose to cook spaghetti for dinner and bacon and eggs for breakfast. Spaghetti squash for a paleo option, and pasta as a non-paleo option. Even though it means that I won’t be drinking beer with him at the mountain house for the next several weeks, he was understanding of my choice to go through this challenge.

After dinner, we went to the back yard and worked on some new tricks on a rail my friend set up. Riding down and hiking back up the hill wore me out pretty quickly. Even if you’re in decent shape, elevation is rough.

Today’s Score

Strength – 5
Muscle Soreness – 2
Joint Soreness – 2
Mood – 8
Cheat temptation level – 4
Energy – 7
Focus – 7
Motivation – 7

Sunday 1/18/2016

Sunday morning we woke up, ate breakfast, and hit the slopes. My friend and I pretty much only ride in the terrain park when we snowboard together, so we were there for several hours working on different tricks on rail features. We both took some hard falls, but lived to ride another day. Even though we both had some hard falls, we progressed and got some new tricks in the bag.

After getting back into town, it was Bronco’s Sunday. What to do with myself? Go to a bar? Watch at a friend’s place where there will definitely be booze and unhealthy snacks. How about both!? I’m a week in, I’ve got this temptation thing beat, right!?..Well even though I didn’t know it to start the day, the world was out to test my strength and resilience to temptation.

I ended up watching the end of the first half at a friend’s place. I was offered a beer, but turned that down without hesitation. Who wants a light beer that tastes like piss anyway?

At half time, I took all of my snowboarding gear home, then decided to just watch the Broncos and grab some food at a local bar. I looked the menu up and down for several minutes, and as expected, they didn’t have much for Paleo/Primal options, so I ordered a salad. Almost immediately after I ordered a salad, a pile of delicious looking, warm, buttery breadsticks magically appeared in front of my face. I was tempted, but politely asked the bartender to pass the breadsticks to another patron.

Shortly after diving into my salad, the Broncos scored. Whoo!! Go Broncos? I just wanted to get this salad in my belly. Apparently the bartender wasn’t done tempting me yet, so he offered me a free jello shot. I guess that’s what they do every time the Broncos score. I laughed and told the bartender that I’m taking a break from booze and carbs. As I was devouring my salad, I overheard that PBRs were $1 during happy hour. If I were at this bar outside of this challenge, I would’ve for sure had my fill of breadstick, jello shots, and PBR, but I stayed strong! I had Monday off for the holiday too.. I’ll give myself a pat on the back for this win.

I finished the day off with a gnarly headache (I didn’t even drink!! WTF?!), so fell asleep pretty early.

Today’s Score

Strength – 7
Muscle Soreness – 5
Joint Soreness – 3
Mood – 7
Cheat temptation level – 9.9 (I’m holding out on 10. There might be a stronger temptation waiting for me within the next 5 weeks)
Energy – 6
Focus – 7
Motivation – 5

Monday 1/19/2016

Uhhmm I slept a lot, tried to get rid of the headache that hit the night before, watched some Netflix, went grocery shopping, and cooked some food for the week. It was a pretty uneventful day, and I couldn’t shake the headache.

For meals, I made not-an-omelet(egg scramble) and Chicken Enchilada Bake from, minus the goat cheese and cilantro. I’m not fancy enough to garnish my food ;).

Today’s Score

Strength – N/A Rest day
Muscle Soreness – 6
Joint Soreness – 2
Mood – 5
Cheat temptation level – 3
Energy – 5
Focus – 5
Motivation – 3












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