Short Week Started off Right

I got lots of sleep last night and woke up feeling fresh. Started the day off with a small breakfast and coffee then hit the gym.

After getting warmed up, I had lots of energy and was ready to take on the workout. The strength portion of the workout went really well. I feel like I put up some pretty decent numbers for a 4×5 push jerk set. The WOD was pretty solid too. The hang cleans and pull ups weren’t bad, but the ring dips got rough pretty quickly. I’m too heavy to not wear out on those. For full details, check out the workout log.

The work day was really busy, but I felt focused and got a lot of stuff done. I didn’t even drink coffee throughout the day for a pick me up. Whoo!!

After getting home, I just relaxed, ate some snacks, and updated these blog posts. I live such an exciting life during the week.

I think sometime soon I am going to start posting recipes and recipe reviews.

Today’s Score

Strength – 8
Muscle Soreness – 6
Joint Soreness – 1
Mood – 8
Cheat temptation level – 2
Energy – 7
Focus – 7
Motivation – 8


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