Whoah, we’re half way there!

Howdy!!! Sooo it’s been a while. I miss you??…..

It’s been a while since my last post, so I’m going to play a little bit of catch up. Life has kept me busy, but I am still 100% on my points. Wooo!!

Week Two – 1/18-1/24

Not gonna lie, the second week was pretty rough for me. I had really low energy and felt weak in all of the workouts. Also, I felt like I could’ve been in bed by 8:00 every night. My body was most likely still detoxing, because I definitely wasn’t eating great before this challenge.

At this point in the challenge, I felt like the end was nowhere in sight. I have been tempted to say f*ck it and go swimming in a pile of beer, sandwiches, and cake. Considering that might send me into full on diabetic shock at this point, I have¬†resisted the allure of delicious grains and sugar. As I’m typing this, all I can think of is pancakes. I don’t even eat pancakes on a regular basis, but they sound so fricken delicious right now. Big ol’ stack of flap jacks smothered in butter and syrup. Nom nom nom!!!

Week Three – 1/25-1/31

We’re half way there!!!


I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and feel great! I am no longer feeling drained and exhausted throughout my workouts, and am putting up some scores that I feel decent about. The regular cravings for junk are gone for the most part. I came to work with this spread one day and it wasn’t too difficult to say no. Me saying no to donuts?? What have I become?! Occasionally when I am under pressure, I do get the desire to stress eat the shit out of some candy, mac and cheese, and cake, but I think that is normal. Right? Maybe it’s just me, but outside of this challenge, I definitely smother myself in comfort food when I have a bit more weight on my shoulders than normal.

Story Time! – Safety First

20160129_140619At the end of last week, one of my teams was heads down trying to complete their work for the week. In the early afternoon, after I picked up a salad, my boss asked if my team had eaten, because they seemed focused and noticed that none of them were eating. I told her that I offered to pick them up something when I ordered my salad, but nobody asked for anything. She then gave me her credit card to pick up Chinese food for the whole team. I ended up ordering a ton of food, picked it up, set it up in a conference room, and watch everyone eat. I buckled it up in my truck, because that much deliciousness must be kept safe! It smelled so gooood! In order to resist my craving, I made myself a protein shake.

As you might’ve noticed, I don’t have a daily score on this post. I am still going to gather this data, but am going to try to present it in a chart or something.




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