Sober Bowl!

Super Bowl 50 was a couple of days ago and the Broncos won it!

The big game happened during the paleo challenge. What a bummer! I had to miss out on tons of delicious food..and BEER! Not drinking beer while watching football is just un-American! What am I, Al Qaeda?! Even Peyton Manning loves beer…or money. Probably both. Who doesn’t love money and beer? I digress.. I was able to make it through the entire game without cheating with food or beer. With the support of fellow paleo challengers to watch the game with, it actually wasn’t too difficult.

While we’re on the subject of the Super Bowl, let’s talk about the commercials for a second. To be honest, they were all pretty disappointing this year. Mostly just a bunch of commercials about poop, or trying to push some agenda or ideals on everyone. What happened to all of the funny commercials?! I’m calling shenanigans on this year’s commercials. Out of all of them, I think the one with TJ Miller and the Shocktop orange ripping on each other was the only one that made me laugh.

I’m almost through the paleo challenge, and am pretty excited about my results so far. I am feeling great, have lots of energy all day, and have even shredded some pounds! One of the biggest things that stands out so far, is that it’s not too difficult to resist the cravings for junk food anymore. That’s a definite win! Also, I even made it through food poisoning last Friday without cheating. I was craving 7up all day!

I think we are going to end the challenge a bit earlier than I planned. We are still discussing it, but I believe it is going to end next Monday, February 15th. I will post at least one more time by then. In that post, I’ll also post progress pictures and weight loss stats. Even thought the challenge is ending soon, I still plan on eating mostly paleo/primal for the foreseeable future. I really need to get at least some simple carbs back in my life, so I have more fuel for my workouts. The open is coming up, after all!


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